Friday, May 24, 2013

Are We There Yet?

tyranny (ˈtɪrənɪ  ) 



(plural) -nies
    1. government by a tyrant or tyrants; despotism
    2. similarly oppressive and unjust government by more than one person
  1. arbitrary, unreasonable, or despotic behaviour or use of authority ⇒ the teacher's tyranny
  2. any harsh discipline or oppression ⇒ the tyranny of the clock
  3. a political unit ruled by a tyrant
  4. (esp in ancient Greece) government by a usurper
  5. a tyrannical act

Wikipedia defines the word “Tyrant” as the derivative from Tyranny and explains it's historical roots with Plato and Aristotle as this...

tyrant (Greek τύραννοςtyrannos), in its modern English usage, is a ruler of a cruel and oppressive character[1] who is an absolute ruler unrestrained by law or constitution, and/or one who has usurped legitimate sovereignty. (emphasis is mine) The original Greek term, however, merely meant an authoritarian sovereign without reference to character,[2] bearing no pejorative connotation during the Archaic and early Classical periods, though it was clearly a bad word to Plato, and on account of the decisive influence of political philosophy its negative connotations only increased down into the Hellenistic period, becoming synonymous with "Authenteo" - another term which carried authoritarian connotations around the turn of the first century A.D.[citation needed]
Plato and Aristotle define a tyrant as, "one who rules without law, looks to his own advantage rather than that of his subjects, and uses extreme and cruel tactics—against his own people as well as others" (emphasis mine) .[3] During the seventh and sixth centuries BC, tyranny was often looked upon as an intermediate stage between narrow oligarchy and more democratic forms of polity. However, in the late fifth and fourth centuries, a new kind of tyrant, the military dictator, arose, specifically in Sicily.
America is loading up their cars this weekend  with kids, picnic baskets, camping gear, fishing rods, hitting the road for family fun on this holiday to honor those that have fallen in consummation of their oath to defend our Constitution from all enemies. In light of the State of our Union and current events, I ask the age old question likely uttered by children for thousands of years within the first ten minutes of an eight hour trip. Likewise America is now a little over half way into our 8 year trip with President Obama. In light of recent revelations and abuses of power, and given the Webster and Wikipedia definitions;  my question for America begs an answer in regard to tyranny....

 “Are we there yet?"

Michael R. Bednarz



Have We Forgotten?

Vietnam Memorial- Wash. State Capitol Olympia- Photo by Author
The upcoming Memorial Day Holiday weekend brings many thoughts to my mind as I write this. It means so many different things to so many. For some it's the official kick-off for summer. For kids it's the harbinger of summer freedom with the end of the school year. For others it's about family gatherings, camping, picnics, barbeques, and the Great American road trip. So many good things, and so many things to cherish in our memories that are as American as Hot Dogs, and Apple pie.

But what it's really about is.... Valor. Duty. Honor. Commitment. Freedom. Sacrifice. Reverence. Appreciation.

Just as we lose sight of the true meaning of other Holidays like Christmas, and Easter this day too has been hijacked. It has been diminished and diluted by our lazy indifference for those it purports to memorialize with it's inception to not forget those who gave all. This day has it's own Santa and Easter Bunny to distract us from the perspective and appreciation for it's core meaning and our recognition and celebration of the Heroism and ultimate sacrifice it so rightly glorifies by asking us to remember and honor this day and weekend.

 John 15:1313Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. 

Lets have fun with family and friends, but lets also resolve to remember and take just a moment to consider the hero's that gave their all for our freedom, security, and the way of life we all are fortunate enough to savor and enjoy.  Please say a prayer for them as we break bread, or give a toast as we partake in all the festivities, or just ask all for a moment of silence in memory to honor those that laid their lives down for their friends and fellow citizens.

On this Memorial Day I say to all our Veterans and active duty military members....God bless our fallen heroes, past,  present and future.  Thank you to all who have served and are serving, prepared and willing to do the same as those that gave all for our freedom and to whom we owe an eternal debt of gratitude.

Michael R. Bednarz



Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Obama's Lack of Veracity, and Economic Illiteracy; A Dangerous Combination for America

What is going on? Could it be the truth is so obvious that the Lamestream media including MSNBC can't even help but report the truth?   How does that old saying go? If you are going to be a good liar; you better have a good memory?  Today I actually see a story by MSNBC or whatever they call themselves now, letting the GOP get the truth and their accurate contention on the impasse out about Obama and his rejection of his own spending cuts plan from nearly two years ago;  The Sequester.

This Sequester plan and solution was all Obama's idea. He came up with the "Super Committee" Plan because he failed to lead. The other fact and hard truth that is becoming painfully obvious to America as we slip into a double dip recession with unemployment increasing and economic growth contracting; is that Obama is an economic illiterate who is Presiding over the largest economy in the Universe. We also have a problem with the veracity of our President. Obama's lack of  veracity plus his Economic Illiteracy,  is a toxic combination for America's future.  Just today he told workers in Virginia at a Submarine building yard.
"These cuts are wrong, they're not smart, they're not fair," he said. "They're a self-inflicted wound that doesn't have to happen."    
Seems like the only place we need gun control is the White House, so he doesn't shoot himself in the foot trying to shirk from his responsibility for his plan.

Obama went on  to blame the Republican's for the latest impasse on their unwillingness to consider new revenues and closing tax loopholes. Heard that one before? It's a broken record, Republicans are protecting the Rich, not giving the majority of American's a fair shake, they are going to make airliners crash, and babies will die because of Republicans, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.......

Sequester was Team Obama's solution to getting past the Debt Limit increase nearly two years ago when he wasn't willing to make cuts, or work out compromises with the GOP and Democrats on a framework budget passed and proffered by the House. He also failed to lead his Senate Democrats and Harry Reid to action in coming up with a plan,  or to even finally produce a budget which they have failed to generate or pass for over FOUR YEARS and still counting.

Obama couldn't jeopardize his reelection at the time with his "gimmie, gimmie, gimmie Constituency" so Obama's the one that came up with 50-50% across the board defense and domestic cuts. A ratio that was patently unfair to begin with and one that only an Economic illiterate like Obama could have proposed. The current ratio of spending by the U.S. Government between Entitlements and Defense is 61.9% Domestic to only 18.7% Defense.

The  OMB, (Office of  Management and Budget;  the White House's Accounting and Budget Agency)  chart above clearly shows that cuts will affect our defense and National Security inordinately. Obama knew that, or should have know that but went on with the 50-50 ratio to put leverage almost two years ago on the GOP at the expense of our National Security and Defense. Now he has the audacity and hubris to use our Military members as backdrops and "prop's" for his "Roadshow" selling his Snake Oil solution of tax increases when he threw our brave men and women under the bus all along for the "Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie Constituency" that re-elected him.  Ironically even the Sequester cuts do not really "cut" any programs except Defense, below the rate of scheduled increases. The mandatory back-stop Sequester cuts are cuts in growth only, not zero based reductions or real cuts that reduce prior levels of funding. So, there again is a lacking of veracity on the part of Obama, particularly in light of his presentation of spending reductions as cuts on the domestic side. So almost two years ago all Obama was able to do is kick the can down the road and get us a Credit Rating downgrade for the first time in our history and bring us to another chapter of his wait until the last minute crisis management style. 

Well the Sequester and spending can has been kicked to the end of the dead end road and what does he do now?  He starts with revisionist History and disowns and disavows having any part for his own "Sequestration Cuts" backstop to his Super Committee solution that he devised and implemented. At the time the GOP put forth targeted cuts for both Defense and Domestic spending that would minimize the impact and detriment as much as possible by prioritizing need, efficacy, and impacts to social and domestic programs especially to those that needed aid the most, and in the case of the Military, priortizing National Secuirty and the well being of our Service people and their families. Those plans and proposals have been out there for nearly 16 months, awaiting action from the masters of inaction, Harry Reid, Senate Democrats, and President Obama. So now we face arbitrary,  unmangaged,  and unmitigated cuts across the board without the thoughtful  considerations that were put forth by the GOP plan(s) from the House.

By contrast we have a 'plan' by the President that decides the best action is to hit the road in "Campaign Mode" again (doing the only thing he's really good at) deciding to change the paradigm yet again by initiating the tried and true message:  Crisis Plan A) Blame Bush.  Ooops, can't do that now,  only the most banal of Obama supporters would still believe that one.  Hmmm.... OK then initiating:  Crisis Plan B) Blame Obstructionist Republicans in Congress. Damn those wascally Republicans for not working with him and after giving him his tax increases on the rich he wanted and got only two months ago; they defy me by not taxing the smack out of the rich even more now! The record is clear the alternative to the Sequester was to find "targeted" cuts, within all  Domestic and Defense spending to minimize and manage the impact on each and hit the goal of overall cut target amounts. It was not about nor ever was a plan to raise taxes, or to use Obamanomics speak, a "balanced approach". This cuts only Sequester back-stop was your plan proposed and laid out two years ago Mr. President. Now you seek to change the rules and paradigm by putting the goal posts back 20 yards inside the two minute warning?   I can hear his response by imagining I am a fly on the wall during his crisis Sequester Cuts strategy session....."Exactly, Yeah thats the ticket.... I will blame them again and demand action from them to fix it and stop blocking my efforts to solve this!  Fire up Air Force One, lets stir up the Proletariat, call the media to get our message out!

One problem though it's not the truth and the media may not be buying it. Perhaps for the first time the media won't be regurgitating Obama talking points and presenting his dubious word at face value. In fact, maybe they will rediscover their duty to be skeptical, and to be arbiters of truth with a reponsibility and role to be incredulous and confrontational with proffered bull excrement, even if it's from the White House. Perhaps they needed just one person with some Cajones to stand up and call out B.S. as Bob Woodward did from the liberal bastion of  Journalism; The Washington Post and call Obama out as a liar.

So, with the House passing two prior plans of targeted cuts for the Senate and Administration's consideration, within the original framework of the Sequester deal, the ball is in Obama and the Democrat's courts. Boehner said it best in his news conference exerpts from the NBC News video click on sentence to link video.


"We have moved a bill in the House twice," Boehner said at a press conference Tuesday. "We should not have to move a third bill before the Senate gets off their ass and begins to do something."
Kathy McMorris-Rodgers (R) Washington, also made the case stating the obvious with her comments.
"He has traveled over 5000 miles the last two weeks, and we challenge him travel a mile and half and come to Capitol Hill," said Rep. Cathy McMorris Rogers of Washington on Tuesday. "Sit down with Harry Reid and urge the Senate Democrats to take action."
 The refrain of urging Senate action comes from Boehner just four days before the sequestration cuts are slated to kick in.
 The Sequester was the result of Obama's failure to lead nearly two years ago, just as our economy and everything attached to it is failed. Without literacy in Economic matters, and lacking in demonstrable skills and knowledge for Business, Administration, Management, or Leadership; these shortcomings cannot be overcome with his witty charm, toothy smiles, or a Czar for every problem and issue he cares about. Neither will his ability to hit the road in Air Force One and preach to his choir result in tangible results or resolutions to the myriad problems facing America and the World. There are problems that need solutions, and results; critical problems affecting the lives of Millions of Americans and Billions of souls throughout the world. Roll up your sleeves Mr. Obama, put Air Force One in the hangar,  go up the Hill, and kick Harry Reid and the Senate in the Ass,  as Boehner so eloquently put it, and consider the plans passed already by Speaker Boehner, McMorris, and Democrats in the House that are willing and ready to get something done.

Michael R. Bednarz